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Misty Harbor Short SlickerShopping When You're Broke

Sure, stuff is cheaper when bought at the end of the season or even out of season. And that's fine if you're just looking for any old thing to wear. But if you love fashion (and you do, or you wouldn't be here), you should shop as close to the season as possible. Otherwise you'll just waste your money on trends that will be out of style by the time the next year rolls around.

Friends that wear your size (and share your taste) are a gold mine. You can even go large scale and organize a swap meet where everyone can switch shoes, clothes, etc.

Scour second-hand and discount stores. Buy basics from the warehouse where you buy your paper towels in bulk. If vintage is your thing, haunt flea markets and garage sales. Even on a tight budget, shopping can be fun. The hunt for something becomes more exciting when you can go from one shop to another. Don't forget, there are also many online retailers who will sell things extremely cheap and can be as low as half of the cost at a regular store.

Many people make the mistake of buying things they do not want when they go shopping. This compulsion can make you an unwise shopper. If you need a shirt and pants, do not even look at the shoes. It is human nature to go for things we like more than those we need.
Learn to whip together a new outfit on the sewing machine or simply turn old jeans into a new skirt. Recycling is an easy update: a ruffle on last year's skirt, a bow at the ankle of three-year-old strappy sandals. Visit and read the story about how one person lost weight successfully.  



Lord is a Winner!

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 3-D Action Flipz Complete Set in TinThe third movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy has been given the prestigious best picture award by the Producers Guild of America.  

Director Peter Jackson shared the prize with fellow producers Barrie M Osborne and Fran Walsh.  For more Lord of the Rings memorabilia click here.







American Idol Game  

American Idol Game




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